The conference will be focused on the theoretical, computational and experimental approaches of flow-induced vibration and flow-induced noise,
including, but not limited to:


  • Aeroacoustic problems in confined or bluff body flows
  • Flow-induced cavity noise
  • Flow-induced vibration in musical instruments and vibroacoustics
  • Active and passive control of flow-induced vibration and/or noise
  • Vibration or acoustics of heat exchanger tube arrays subject to cross or axial flow
  • Vibration of ship and offshore structures
  • Thin-walled structures in flow
  • Sloshing and flexible containers
  • Vibration of underwater cables and risers
  • Vibration resulting from cavitation and turbulence
  • Vibration and acoustic resonance of valves and piping systems
  • Vibration of hydraulic gates and turbines
  • Vibration problems involving flow-acoustic coupling